Road Trips

"Being 18 is like being a man on a road trip. You have absolutely no idea where the heck you're going, but you don't want directions!"


There’s hardly anything that hasn’t been said about this heaven. With all the fluttering prayer flags, warm honey – dipped people, snow – kissed mountains, winding rivers, stark deserts and lust green meadows; Ladakh is home to all our being. Ideal time to visit: Mid May to Mid October Ideal number of days to visit: A minimum of 7 days.


You can raft in the Ganges, attend a Ganga aarti on the ghats of Rishikesh, dive into the blue waters of Ramganga River or visit the National Park in Corbett. You can choose to explore Mukteshwar or silently spend your days in the beautiful campsite of Saat Tal. All of this in one beautiful state of Uttarakhand. Ideal time to visit: March – November Ideal number of days to visit: Minimum of 4 days


Your feet will be curled up in sand until dawn, and you'll witness the sun forming perfect shades in the sky at dusk. The waves will be waiting for you and you'll Scuba Dive and Snorkel inside the Arabian. Ideal time to visit: Anytime when it’s not raining Ideal Number of days to visit: 4-5 days


Hills. Rivers. Ruins. History. Photographs. Portraits. Cliff jumps. Hippies. Mopeds. Live Music. Barbecue. Stars. Sunsets. Green fields. Boulders. Landscapes. Hampi has all of the above and more! Ideal time to visit: September to Mid March Ideal Number of days to visit: 3-4 days


Gokarna is a regular nominee among travellers’ favourite beaches in India. Often referred to as mini Goa, Gokarna is a town with spell-bounding temples and breathtaking beaches. The sunsets at the hills of Gokarna and the waves of the Arabian, often render its guests speechless. Ideal time to visit: Around the year Ideal number of days to visit: 2- 4 days That’s not all! We can take you to Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Places in the South as well as the enchanting land of North East India. Travel plans for each of these locations can be made flexible as per your personal requirements. More days, lesser days. Different spots. Different places to stay, everything you need. Have a new destination you want us to explore? We’ll customize all of it for you.